Problem with FTP Address

I just downloaded SmartFTP v2.0.996.28. Previously I was using SmartFTP v1.5.991.

I have several websites that are under the Address of For example:

I can enter these in the Address text box and I am able to connect to my sites. However, when I access the Address from my history, it stores the Name as " - rob.wells" and the Host as "". It is not saving the "/ignyte", "/fbcdanville", and "/januski-cpa" that should come after the "". This makes the history useless to me because I must type in the ftp Address each time in order to connect.

Goto "Favorites->Edit" and look at the "Quick Connect" folder, here you can find the history items for the sites you are connectet without a existing favorites item, the initial path should be stored on the item if you look at the favorites item properties. You can also rename the items here if you get problems with double names.