source code -read/help plz

i have already tried to look for an answer for my trouble/problem
and obviously i am a noob at this ftp stuff
and i could not think of a word/s to search to find my problem

this is what i am having touble with; i was already told to download smart ftp , connect to my site, find my source code file , upload it, edit it, then put it back. wich was alot harder then i thought .

i watched the tutorials in the smartftp site and it did not help me
you see while i was following the tutorial, at the part after i connect to my site the tutorial tells me to drag a file from the site to my computer

here is the part of the tutorial i am talking about *the red is what i used to show you were the problem is


now it says to drag and drop the files from the site to my local folder on my computer

but here is what is on my screen (it is swiched around)


what do i do???
it would not let me create a new file and i have no idea what to do

also could not find the "local folder" in my computer

some one plz help me find out how to edit my source code! i am so confused -.-

if there is a thread about this plz just link me to it, i can read just fine

Guessing from the (a little small :-) screenshots, you just have no files on your server yet, so of course you cannot download them to edit them. Create files on your local PC as you want them to appear on the server and upload them.
In your case, the files / folders on your local PC are display on the right side. This display just works as Windows Explorer. If you haven't created a local folder named "Local Folder", there of course also is none. The "Local Folder" folder is just an example.

so i make the folder local folder
then uhh i make the file i need and then drag it into the server?

can u tell me what i have to do to create this "source code" (notepad) to upload into the server?
because i dont know if im doing anything correctly

p.s. i duno why the pics r small, there big on my computer but when i uploaded them they got smaller but w/e
p.s.s. its my own domain if that helps any

can u tell me what i have to do to create this "source code" (notepad) to upload into the server?
err, well, you have to start coding your web page, of course :-) that's the source code you'll need to upload to your domain.

ok uhmm this is my site wich i am not using rite now cuz i havn't found out what to do on it cuz i cant edit my source code


when i go to "view sorce code" there acualy is one or i guess wich means i already started coding rite?... i used a webmanager the host i got it from gave me and applied it to my site automaticly so far

edit: i just erased everything on the site from the website creator untill i can find out how to edit this thing -.-

ok uhmm i still havn't figured out wut the problem is... i asked everybody else that uses smart ftp thati know .. and wut they do is just like the tut, there are files in the directory to edit.. i also tried creating my own notepad or html files using 1.html and sum others that i forgot to see if it would over write the exisiting source code, but tat doesn't work either..... will i ever find wut is wrong! i also tried dis using the t58 (wut ever the two numbers are) host to create a site, same problem, tried making a new domain, same problem... i dun owhat is the matter! roar!! and i cant fix it! is any1 else having this problem?