Change date/time problem.

I am trying to move from 1.5 to 2.0 but I have a probem with the automatic update mode.
When I store the updated file I get the following log with 2.0
[18:28:13] Opening data connection to Port: 4822
[18:28:13] STOR ReSeqFAQs.asp
[18:28:13] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for ReSeqFAQs.asp.
[18:28:14] 23206 bytes transferred. (37.0 KB/s) (611 ms)
[18:28:14] 226 Transfer complete.
[18:28:14] MDTM 20060513172811 ReSeqFAQs.asp
[18:28:14] 550 MDTM cannot change date/time on this server.

[18:28:14] SIZE ReSeqFAQs.asp
[18:28:14] 213 23206
[18:28:14] Transfer successful.
Please can someone tell me what to do to prevent 2.0 trying to use MDTM.

Goto Settings->Transfer->Files and turn off "Keep File Time".

Many thanks - it's a pity SmartTP did not have notice of the default changes from 1.5 (or at least I con=ul not find it) nor was there any explanation of the function of Keep TIme