Can't download file... = =

How come I can't download any files from my FTP server if I DON'T save login and password in the favorite..

P.S.: And also wonder what's different is those queues.. Why I can't put ALL things in the queue to download (just like CuteFTP)?

After I've installed the SmartFTP in office, I try to download files from my own FTP site.

And because that's office computer, I don't wanna save any login ID or password. So I just un-checked the anonymous login. And while I click the favorite (in SmartFTP), it prompt me to login.

I can do the login after I typed. And can list ALL things on the site. But just while I try to download things. I've seen the log say wrong login ID and password. (Actually, SmartFTP has sent empty login ID and password to my site for downloading.)

After that, I try to temporary save the login ID and password to the favorite. It can list and download..... >.<

But I really DON'T wanna save the login ID and password.

For 2nd question..

How can I download or upload things just with a double-click? (I want them into the queue)

P.S.: CuteFTP is really user friendly.. learn some from them.

If CuteFTP is so user friendly why you not simple use it?

If CuteFTP is so user friendly why you not simple use it?

I wanna try something new and free. (You still haven't answered my question.. = =)

Since the queue depends on the favorites item and its data the only solution is, add the login and password to the favorite but select "Don't save password on exit" on the favorite item properties. After you do this the queue should work as expected, but if you exit SmartFTP the password is losing and you have to enter the login/password data again on the favorites item to get the queue to work again. Best way to do this is, after restarting SmartFTP goto "Edit Favorites" then right click the favorites item and chose "Properties", enter the information needed and start the queue.

Thanks for your answering..

and also, there're "temporary queue", "transfer queue", and "Download - Default", "Queue - Source", "Queue - Default Folder" in double click action, "Direct", "Queue" in Default D&D Operation.

What exact function or different of those, please~?

If you need it simple make sure you have selected the "Window->Tabbed Interface" and select
"Window->Auto Layout->Local Left - Remote Right" then goto "Tools->Settings->Navigation" and chose for the "Default Drag & Drop Operation" -> "Queue", make sure that the "View->Toolbars->Quick Transfer" Toolbar is enabled. Now open a "Local Browser" and then connect to the site you want, now you see left the local browser and on the right site your FTP connection. Now browse to the location you want and select the files/folders you want to upload/download and press the upload/download button on the middle of the view (blue with the right and left arrow). The files/folders now automatic added to the queue and processed after you start the queue. I hope this answer you question

Wow~ Thanks a lot.. hope I can get used to it~