Large files timeout

I have files around 170MB on my ftp that I want to transfer down. Before SmartFTP transferred them no problem, but now, and I'm not quite sure what changed, it will get the the very end 99% and then just hang, and then eventually timeout. Smaller files like 30 megs and less have none of the above problems, I don't know what the cutoff point is, because I don't have any file sizes in between to test. When I use my CRC checker the files do not match what it is supposed to, and the CRC is usually different every attempt to download. If I download the file via http it works and checks out fine, but http counts towards my bandwidth so this is not the preferred method. I have used WSFTP, it also hangs at the end, but it eventually comes out of it and the CRC check passes, I haven't tested it extensively but I't seems to be consistent, I will try it again a few more times to confirm.

[23:57:11] 257 "/torrents/cheech/[AonE]_Naruto_101_125" is your current location
[23:57:11] PORT 192,168,1,100,5,187
[23:57:11] 200 PORT command successful
[23:57:11] MLSD
[23:57:12] 150 Connecting to port 5009
[23:57:12] 3574 bytes transferred. (N/A/s) (0 ms)
[23:57:12] 226-Options: -a -l
[23:57:12] 226 26 matches total
[23:57:25] TYPE I
[23:57:25] 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
[23:57:25] SIZE [ANBU_AonE]_Naruto_108_[95AEED31].avi
[23:57:25] 213 178409472
[23:57:25] MDTM [ANBU_AonE]_Naruto_108_[95AEED31].avi
[23:57:25] 213 20060409185028
[23:57:25] PORT 192,168,1,100,5,189
[23:57:25] 200 PORT command successful
[23:57:25] RETR [ANBU_AonE]_Naruto_108_[95AEED31].avi
[23:57:26] 150-Connecting to port 5010
[23:57:26] 150 174228.0 kbytes to download
[00:08:58] Transfer Timeout (40s). Closing data connection.
[00:08:58] 178392360 bytes transferred. (251 KB/s) (00:11:32)
[00:09:38] Timeout (40s).
[00:09:38] Active Help:
[00:09:38] Client closed the connection.
[00:09:38] Transfer failed.