Can't download known filename from restricted folder

I'm trying to download a known file from a vendor's private ftp server. I'm logged in to the ftp server using the anonymous user account, which doesn't have permission to list files in folders, but does have (read?) permission to download the known file.

E.g. I want to download the known file

Since the anonymous user doesn't have permission on the above folders the error '550 -aL: Access is denied' is returned for both folderA and folderB when I click those folders in the SmartFTP GUI.

If I try to go directly to the known file by typing in /folderA/folderB/theFile.exe in SmartFTP's folder box, it says:

CWD /folderA/folderB/theFile.exe
550 /folderA/folderB/theFile.exe: The directory name is invalid.

That is, SmartFTP thinks theFile.exe is a folder/directory name.

I know I can download the file without using SmartFTP by simply pasting the ftp URL into Internet Explorer or Firefox and clicking Save, however there are several very large files to download and I'd like to schedule the downloads in SmartFTP's transfer queue.

Any ideas how I can do this, or will it require a functionality enhancement?


If I copy (by selecting with mouse and Ctrl+C) the above ftp URL, the URL Watcher catches it and I can add theFile.exe to the Transfer Queue.

The Name is correctly shown as theFile.exe.
The Source is correctly shown as [ - anonymous]/folderA/folderB/theFile.exe.

But, SmartFTP still tries to 'navigate' to folderB using the CWD command:

CWD /folderA/folderB
550 /folderA/folderB: Access is denied.

Why can't SmartFTP work like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows Explorer etc. and just download the required file (or add it to the Transfer Queue) without moving to the remote directory to which it doesn't have permission?