SmartFTP license key error

Hello all. I'm new here, as you probably noticed, and for some odd reason, even though I have the free / personal use build of SmartFTP v2.0 build 996, apparently I need a license key starting today since whenever I try to login to any of my FTP addresses, I can't since SmartFTP happens to spout out this error message in the log:

[16:08:21] sfFTPLib is not licensed.
[16:08:21] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s)

Does anybody have a way out of this? I thought SmartFTP was free...

Hi, reinstall SmartFTP with the last build found at my signature.

Already tried that... to no avail....

Any other ideas what could have possibly gone awry?

Install it from here:

The error only shows up if sfFTPLib.dll cannot verify SmartFTP.exe.


Awesome... that did the trick!

Thanks a lot.