SmartFTP Takes Me To The Root Folder

When I used FileZilla, I would specify the target folder as /public_html and it would log me in (username dgs8jcr) to /home/stevens/misc/dgs8jcr and then take me down to /public_html (i.e. /home/stevens/misc/dgs8jcr/public_html)
With SmartFTP, it's being pedantic and tries to log me in to /public_html which doesn't exist on the sever. I don't think I should have to go through the trouble of logging first (did not memorise that I was on the 'stevens' sever) just to find out what path to tell Smart(ass)FTP to take me to. Why does it does this?

SmartFTP is not pedantic, it does it the only correct way. Filezilla probably implements work-arounds for user mistakes. In SmartFTP, just enter "public_html" without the slash.