Question for an odd application of SmartFTP

Hello all,

I've been using SmartFTP for a while, and it's really one of the cooler programs out there. Kudos on the dev team for building such a robust program!

Righ now, I'm trying to use it for perhaps an unorthodox project. I have a server with a huge number of directories and files that I need to transfer. However, due to the server administrator doing something that appears to have damaged files throughout the filesystem, there are many files that show up as "valid files" - Word documents, PDFS, and so on - but they cannot be accessed, deleted, moved, or copied. These files instead throw up a "The system cannot find the file specified" error using Windows Copy - as does SmartFTP when it encounters them, naturally.

My question is, is there a way to make SmartFTP ignore files that it can't touch and just move on, grabbing files that it can access (and therefore move)? The server in question is running Windows 2000 Server, and the clients are all Windows 2000 Professional. I have no interest in recovering or moving the files, I simply want to grab the "survivors" and go on from there.

Thanks in advance,

- Frustrated Sysadmin

You could just transfer all files using the global queue and multiple threads per site. This way, SmartFTP will put a file it cannot retrieve to sleep and move on to the next file. The entries that are in an endless sleep-retry loop in the end can be deleted from the queue.