Cant CHMOD anymore?!

Installing a new forum...when i try to CHMOD files I...

SITE CHMOD 755 cache
500 'SITE CHMOD 755 cache': command not understood

Am I missing something here, why cant i CHMOD the files anymore?

It seems CHMOD is not allowed / supported on your host (anymore).

is there a way to fix that?

If your hosting is a windows hosting, you don't need to chmod, if the server is linux you must speak with your hosting admin or change of hosting.

Its windows hosting. If i dont need to CHMOD, how do i install Invision Power Board? I uploaded the files, but when i try to point the browser to the install.php it doesnt work

This IPB is installed on a windows hosting, we simply writed on the browser of course you must create the correct mysql database 1st.

Choose "Propteries / CHMOD" from a file's / folder's context menu, or press F7.