Files (music and video) arent able to transfer

Well I want to transfer music and videos to my XBox, but the problem is that If they have underline with them they dont transfer.


yeah it also happens to Video files, I was wondering if there is any kind of way to go around it with having to change it from

andre nickatina 2 b u(2005).mp3

cause i have lots of albums i want to get sent into my XBox.

Hi, use a program of mass rename.

Thanks A lot, without that program I would have serioulsy spent 3 hours renaming all my files

Thanks again

Edited: Ummm yeah now someof the files just Transfer Fail, idk why, I got a lot of my music to try and send it into my XBox all at once and it Transfered fail I tried a different file (MP3) It didn't work i tried another (MP3) and it did work.

Is there any kind of problem if they have dashes or spaces

The ftp servers of xbox lacks of a lot of standard features and very limited on filenames.