Smart FTP locking up

I am using Smart FTP 2.0 and it has worked fine up until today. When I go to download files, it locks up and I have to do control-alt-delete to close it out. I have shut down the computer twice and it still does the same thing. HELP please. This is my job on the line.
Julie Martin

I had the same problem until well i fixed it. I am running windows 2000 which just had a security update from microsoft. i heard xp might have the same problem. Anyways it loaded a exe file that wouldn't allow you to type anything into your address bar because it would freeze. I went on the search to fix it and long story short i did. After this problem was fixed, i tried smart ftp again and it works like a dream. I recommend going to this website to see how to fix the problem. I am not saying you should do this to fix it, just that it worked for me. Thanks.

What website are you talking about?