xbox connection-NOOP

I am trying to connect my modded xbox to my pc but it just wont connect properly, Iam just a beginner at this so if anyone can help me understand what this NOOP business is it would be much apreciated. [13:37:14] SmartFTP v2.0.996.10
[13:37:14] Resolving host name ""
[13:37:14] Connecting to Port: 21
[13:37:14] Connected to
[13:37:14] 220 Please enter your login name now.
[13:37:14] USER xbox
[13:37:14] 331 Password required for xbox.
[13:37:14] PASS (hidden)
[13:37:14] 230 User xbox logged in , proceed.
[13:37:14] SYST
[13:37:14] 215 UNIX Type: L8
[13:37:14] TYPE I
[13:37:14] 200 Type set to IMAGE.
[13:37:14] REST 0
[13:37:14] 502 rest is not implemented.
[13:37:14] PWD
[13:37:14] 257 "/" is current directory
[13:37:14] TYPE A
[13:37:14] 200 Type set to ASCII.
[13:37:14] PORT 192,168,0,51,4,122
[13:37:44] 425 Can't open data connection to
[13:37:44] Automatic failover of data connection mode from "Active Mode (PORT)" to "Passive Mode (PASV)".
[13:37:44] PASV
[13:37:44] 502 pasv is not implemented.
[13:38:35] NOOP
[13:38:35] 502 noop is not implemented.
[13:39:25] NOOP
[13:39:25] 502 noop is not implemented.

Hi mate

I am new to this as well my friend, but I hope this info helps if only a little bit!!!!!!!!

you should of connected your x box using a crossover ethernet cable then, using the ip address of your xbox added that address into smart ftp.

I found that the only way to get rid of the NOOP problem was to go into Avalaunch on the xbox, as soon as I went into that it starts to download the files that I want.

I hope that has helped a bit my friend, but it it hasn't please come back and I will see what else I can do.

P.S. I spend 2 days trying to do that until someone showed me what to do.

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