copy remote dir to remote dir (remote backup)

Executing this seemingly simple task eludes me beyond belief, please provide information on how to complete it. I'd like to do as follows:

Copy a remote directory to another remote directory on the same server. In otherwords, backup a directory but do so on the ftp server itself.

For example, copy a directory named forum to, oh, forum_backup.

I've tried many options in SmartFTP and all have failed, please suggest what will work.

It would appear I'm not alone in this quest, here's a similar albeit different post: ... 10827.html

I just tried ws_ftp pro which says it does this and, well, it worked very poorly. About 0.1k speeds. I'm not kidding. My friend, who uses a mac, said he uses a program called Transmit that does this task with ease.

So anyway, this is a feature request for this feature. I know nothing about the topic or limitations but it seems like a workaround could exist. In the very least it would save the data in a temp space, such as memory or even my local HD, then "save it remotely" by simply uploading it giving us the illusion that we are doing remote file copying.

If this were documented in a FAQ that would be nice.

Hi, try connecting 2 times to the same server and drag and drop from source directory on 1st connection to target directory on 2nd.