Save Passwords

I've posted before. I work in a school. We installed the SmartFTP evaluation version in a public computer lab. SmartFTP has two ways to store passwords that I am aware of, Restore Workspace on Start, and the traditional History - Save Passwords. These features are not helpful for a school computer lab with a public user profile on each computer. SmartFTP passwords can be exposed as clear text making things even more complicated.

Today I've got a Smart FTP 2.0 client will not get rid of the check box on 'Save Password'. Everytime I deselect and exit the application the checkbox reappears on the next application start. I tried manually deleting all files in:

C:\Documents and Settings\student\Application Data\SmartFTP

but that only had marginal effect. The cached web site was still there, and the checkbox reappeared.

Please advise.

Hello ..

1. Install the latest version from:
There is no more "Save Password" setting in the History settings.

Now you can control the "Save Password" behavior in the favorite item (Favorite Item Settings) directly. This should be a solution for your situation.