Login Problem

Using v2.0.995

My web site was just moved to a different server and my password changed. But even though I've put in the the new password in SmartFTP (many times, just in case of mispellings, wrong case, etc) , I still cannot log in.

Here are the log entries (I've substitued xxxxyyxxx for username and site):

[21:55:01] Connecting to Port: 21
[21:55:01] Connected to www.xxxxyyxxx.com.
[21:55:01] 220 Microsoft FTP Service
[21:55:01] USER xxxxyyxxx
[21:55:01] 331 Password required for xxxxyyxxx.
[21:55:01] PASS (hidden)
[21:55:01] 530 User xxxxyyxxx cannot log in.
[21:55:01] Active Help: https://www.smartftp.com/support/kb/51
[21:55:01] Cannot login waiting to retry (30s).

I spent some time with one of the techs from my hosting company. He could see me trying to log in, and said it looks like my pasword might be getting encypted I dowmloaded another FTP program just to have a point of comparison, and had no trouble logging in, even though I'd never used that program before.

I swtiched to ACTIVE mode from PASSIVE, but same problem.

Running out of ideas and getting desperate! Help!