Can only work through my homepage URL

I've recently been given the job of building my band's website, but without a clue as to build a website! I've managed to get the site up and running to an extent, but there's a problem with my URL. It's a bit long winded, so stay with me here...

I'm on ntlworld, and the homepage URL is, and I've then got my website URL which is (I hope I'm getting the terminology right here!). Anyway, my index page is fine and uploads onto the address. The only problem is, any subsequent linked pages will only upload onto the homepage URL.

So, for instance my News page, which should be something like, will only show up under This is no problem as long as you stay in the same browser window, as whichever page you're on will always say (without any suffix). It will however, show up if you open a page in a new window.

Also, if I try to put a link back to the index page, then the link that shows up is ... which, of course, won't work.

Has anybody got any idea what's happening and what I'm doing wrong/how to fix it? I just need the website to look mildly professional and having my dad's name in the address bar doesn't help!

I'd really appreciate any help you could give me on this one.