Quick Transfer Progress?

I am trying to find out if there is a quick transfer progress bar that shows the total complete (instead of just each file).

I constantly upload multiple files at the same time (highlight 10 files from the local, drag them to the remote) but I only see a progress bar for each file. I have no clue what the total progress is for the operation (like, you are on file 3 of 10, 30% complete, etc)

Is this possible in SmartFTP?

I tried used the transfer que but it seems like 3 extra steps to do what every other ftp program already does. Maybe im using the queue wrong. When I use the queue, I highlight 10 files from local, drag them into temporary queue, then highlight them again in the temporary and drag them to the destination folder on the remote side. Then click the Transfer Queue tab, and click the play button.

Id much rather just use the quick transfer (drag from local to remote) and see the progress of the operation???

Thanks, i looked through the support forums and couldnt find anything about this other than using the queue. If your answer refers me to "search the forum" can you please provide me with the url to the thread.