connection problem! please help!

i have just started using my dot com address. i'd uploaded a few files, then started uploading the rest. which was taking a while...most of them uploaded when i had to get off the computer as it was mums turn. we use the same computer so she just left mine and went onto her page/account.

then when mum had been on the computer about half an hour the mouse went all stupid. and she couldn't click on anything. this has happened b4 so we usually just wait about 10-15 minutes and its fine. but this time it wasn't so we had no choice but to restart the computer. but it didn't do anything and the fan stopped going so we ended up having to turn it off then on again. it was fine after that....

i tryed pressing the 'connect' button and even crossing out the mini window in smartftp, but without success! still said 'server closed connection' i'm very worried as i'd got sooo excited that i might finally be able to type in the url address and c my site appear!