wich files cani i transfer?

good morning to averybody!

i have a problem with smart ftp:

firsth of all i must say that i never create a website before,

i bought a domain name, i created a website on my pc and when i try to upload them to the web whith smart ftp i can't see any result...
i don't know why,

for creating the site i used BlueVoda, and the extension of the files is .bvp .On the tutorials i saw that the pages uploaded were .html, but as i can't "translate" the pages from .bvp to .html without loosing colors, images, etc i tried to upload the pages in .bvp extension.
Nothing happends!

I think that with an FTP program, could be possible to upload or download almost averything, but i can't manage this problem!!!

Could someone help me? I'm in a very big chaos!

I really appreciate a reply,