file size mismatch error

Recently whenever i try to upload more than 1 file (page) onto my website I recieve an error message saying that there is a file size mismatch, and then stops uploading the files. Whereas if I upload each File (page) individually it works fine but takes a ridiculously long time. Is there any way to solve this problem? Is it a bug that can be fixed?

Thanks for that.

I did search previously for topics like this but the search didn't return any results! And the only reason i posted it twice was because no one replied!!!!

So am I meant to just ignore the error message?

As far as i can tell, certainly for me, this doesn't solve the problem at all, when I check the web page nothing has changed so this doesn't really help.

yes jfk
i understand

developers have told us of the problem with ftp server software not updating

but the solution remains 'up in the air'

Is there any more news on this?

@JFK: The reason why you don't get an answer probably is that you don't provide all the details that we would need to give you a better answer. Posts from unlicensed users which do not contain the needed information are likely to be ignored due to a lack of time. Please understand that we cannot remind everybody individually to post the logs, the Help -> About system info etc.

Fair enough but if you look back over the replies I've had no one asked for any other info so I assumed it was not needed especially as other people were experiencing the same problem. The last reply I had said that the problem was still up in the air so I just wondered whether there was any development.

There is no problem with SmartFTP. The only problem is with your FTP server and probably with your understanding of the situation.


There is no problem with SmartFTP. The only problem is with your FTP server and probably with your understanding of the situation.


I can certainly relate to the frustration of dealing with users who have a poor or an incorrect understanding of a particular issue, and I imagine at some points it is difficult to deal with the constant "whining" from a user community, but I disagree with the above statement.

It is true that the origin of the particular problem SmartFTP users are experiencing may be that the Size Check on the server fails, but seeing as how in previous versions of SmartFTP this size check was never an issue, the problem is with SmartFTP's behavior when a file size mismatch is encountered on a SIZE check.

What I, and I am sure many other users would appreciate would be an option to have SmartFTP ignore the Size check and continue uploading files instead of stopping when the first file size mismatch is encountered.

After the above reply I am now left thinking that SmartFTP takes a "not my problem" approach to any users who are experiencing leigitimate problems that aren't necessarily SmartFTP's issue and while these problems may originate with other software there are certainly ways for SmartFTP to give users options of dealing with these kinds of problems, even if that means disabling features like a size check.

I beleive SmartFTP has to be, without a doubt, the best FTP client available, but replies like the one above could definately turn users away from your product.