Horizontal Panes?

I've got my "remote server" open in what I would call a "pane". It's to the left in the Smart FTP (2.0.995) window. I have a listing of "local directories" ("Local Browser" I assume in SmartFTP parlance) to the right of this. I would prefer to have these 2 "vertical panes" arranged "horizontally" (one over the other).

In v1.5 of SmartFTP I just clicked the "Horizontal Panes" option in the SmartFTP main menu. But in my current install of v2, the Horizontal option ("New Horizontal Tab Group" when I 'mouseover') is greyed out, as is "New Vertical Tab Group".

For that matter, the name "Horizontal Tab Group" doesn't sound what I really want to do, but perhaps that's just SmartFTP parlance for arranging panes.

Oh, now I see!

SmartFTP opened my remote and local views into what amount to be separate workspaces. I found this out when I accidentally ended up dragging the "tab" above my local view over to the left near the "tab" of my remote view and it sort of "stuck". At this point, those "pane" tools were no longer grey, and from SmartFTP's P.O.V. (I'll interpret), these 2 views/tabs were in the same "workspace". So I just hit the "horizontal" button on the toolbar and it now looks like I prefer.

Thanks anyway...