Is SmartFTP what I want? Opinions wanted

Hello All,
Just downloaded and installed SmartFTP, but I was wondering if you guys could give some insight if this program will let me do what it is I'm trying to do. I want to essentially host a server myself, so that various buddies now spread around the country at college, can download SmartFTP and connect. I essentially just want to host up a space for us to share music, pictures, papers to be reviewed, etc. So, my goals are this:

1) Host a server
2) Only those with a designated User/Pass can log into the server
3) Users with permission may upload/download files
4) A History is kept on my computer of all transactions
5) I'd prefer to have it so that Only the E:\FTP Server\ directory on my external harddrive is what everyone is limited to putting files into, and taking from. Is this possible to set up?

And that's basically it. I've fooled around with the program a bit, and I can't seem to figure out how to set up a server. I understand I'm using the SmartFTP 'Client', is their a 'Server' version that I need to download to host the server? Or is SmartFTP *only* usable to connect to existing servers? If so, could any of you recommend a program that will allow me to host?

Thanks much in advance for your time and help.


Hi, you are looking for a FTP server, no for a FTP client, for that try Gene6