B vs b in SmartFTP

I can't find anywhere whether SmartFTP uses the speed "KB/s" in the speed-windows as in meaning "kilobyte per second" or "kilobit per second".

According to general convention:

kbps = kilobit per second = kb/s

kBps = kilobyte per second = kB/s

Being a techie, and former lab-scientist, and preferring to use ISO-units of everything it'd be good if SmartFTP could comply with general standards.

SmartFTP is ambiguous in this... So which is it?? Bytes or bits?


Well, if SmartFTP is reworking this for consistency, it should switch to the "IEC 60027-2 A.2" standard at the same time and use e.g. "KiB/s" instead of "KB/s" (for kilobytes per second) and "Kibit/s" or "Kib/s" instead of "Kbit/s" or "Kb/s" (for kilobits per second), see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibi.