ipv6 support broken after upgrade

I upgraded my smartftp client to the latest version and now I can't connect to ipv6 servers

Resolving host name "ftp.someipv6server.com" (not an actual address displayed here, of course)
Unable to resolve host name.

My older client worked just fine.

went back to ver 1.0.981 and ipv6 works again.

What OS are you using?


I'm unable to find any problems with Windows XP and the latest version of SmartFTP Client:

[09:16:27] SmartFTP v2.0.995.15
[09:16:27] Resolving host name "[fe80::211:43ff:fe78:3b65%6]"
[09:16:27] Connecting to [fe80::211:43ff:fe78:3b65%6] Port: 22
[09:16:27] Connected to [fe80::211:43ff:fe78:3b65%6].
[09:16:27] 220 Ready for new login
[09:16:27] USER anonymous
[09:16:27] 331 Logging in as anonymous. Enter password

If you enter a IPv6 ip address, make sure you add brackets around the ip.

If you use a host name that resolves to a ipv6 address, go to the Global Settings->Connection and set the Protocol Family Preference to Ipv6.