CHMOD function may have a bug?

CHMOD don't seems to work. Well, actually it does its thing and see it changing to 777 for axample, but when checking the file again... it's the old setting.

Am not sure if this is a bug or host related issue.
Searched some of the forums but found nothing on this subject.
Anyone had the same experience?
Using the v1.5 version program in WinXP machine.

Appreciate a reply from anyone how to fix this problem.

Is the server you're connecting to running on a Windows machine (e.g. IIS, BlackMoon, Gene6, FileZilla Server etc.)? In that case, CHMOD is of course not supported by the OS / on the server, and the server only pretends to accept the changes you've made, but next time you check they'll be gone.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply

Is there a way around this problem?
I really need to use this function.

Thank again for your help

There is no need to use CHMOD on a Windows System. It usually has no effect at all.

I assume you are trying to install e.g. some PHP forum software, and the installation manual says you need to CHMOD the files on the server. As mb said, just ignore this step if your server is running under Windows.

Yes, The program... PHP wants to change it and I don't have any control over the files. .... a cool photo program.

I suppose the only way I can change things is with the FTP upload or delete.

Thank for the quick reply