Updating File Question

Yes I am new to all this so I appologise if this sounds like a crazy question. I am working on a gallery for my site. I uploaded the gallery just fine with this program but here is where the problem occurs.

I have updated/added a couple changes to my gallery(watermarking my photo's for example) and now want to update the files on my site. I just can't figure out how to do this. I followed the queue tutorial step by step but no changes happened on my site, even though the files apeared to transfer just fine. Was this the wrong way to update these files? Is there something I need to do on my site end to update these once they are transfered?

I figure it must be an easy step so I am just confued as to why I can't get these changes to happen?

Thanks in advance,

You are replacing the old images (ie the non-watermark photo's) with the new photo's, using the same filenames? If so, then you should really go to the forum of the photogallerythingy, since this is not an error by smartftp but rather from the gallery thing