help me

hi i need some help am tryng to get in my server and i cant when i use port 21 it says password was wrong some other porst like 15 say it refused it or somthing when i put 4114 it trys to conect but it says timeout and then it says clinet or somthing closed the conection. i tried to contact my company (company for te server i own) and they dont anwer any questions related to FTP. what shuld i do? is it that the port is wrong? the password cant be wronf and when they send me the email inofrmation about your server there was no port to be found only my adrees my username and my password and there is no way that my password or username is wrong when i try port 21 help me if you can.

man can someone help me i need help

If it gives you a login thingy then you're on the right port. The reason that other ports give timeouts/denied errors, is because there is nothing on that port (or at least nothing that can be accesed trough ftp protocol).

So yea, your login data is most likely incorrect. Perhaps you should be using instead of just name, as your username? That's a common mistake but depends on what the owner of your server has set