FXP worked for me in v1.5, fails in v2.0

Using my two Tivos (both with mfs_ftp servers v1.2.9p) and SmartFTP v1.5.990, I have no trouble transferring programs in FXP mode. I can open windows for each Tivo and drag a show from one Tivo to another, the transfer starts, and then I can exit SmartFTP while the Tivo-to-Tivo transfer proceeds.

I am unable to get an FXP transfer even to start with SmartFTP v2.0.995. When I try to drag and drop from one Tivo to another, the second Tivo does not present itself as a drop target. I can drag and drop a file onto my local Windows host, so I know basic FTP functionality is working.

Can anyone suggest why I am unable to see my Tivo as an FXP drop target with the newer version of SmartFTP?


Edit: Answering my own question, to get FXP to work with Tivo mfs_ftp in FXP mode, the new version of SmartFTP needs some configuration. Do an