Problem in French translation

Hi all,
I have posted on the French language forum but feel you may be interested in knowing too.

I've been using SmartFTP for my personal sites for some years now, and so far one could check the "Ignore the version #" to use a not-exactly-the-same translation and magically it worked.

Today there is a slight but very aggravating conflict between translation of 2.0.993 and current version 2.0.995.
One cannot edit favorites, whatever the reason, it cannot open saved favorites.
I use this feature a lot to change my local directories, etc..

Considering I'm a free-for-home user of a reliable software -to me the best available for home FTP, speaking a reasonably good English, I cannot complain and am not complaining.

I just want people to know


The update of the french translation for the 2.0.995 build will come.
When? I don't know. I do my best.
I already spent many hours on updating the french translation for build 2.0.993 (I don't want to buy automatic translation softwares like Passolo or Alchemy Catalyst, so I use ResHack, and for every new build, I start from scratch). I do it for free since years, and I'm very busy, so please be patient.