installing and using SmartFTP

After downloading the three versions (32-bit, 64-bit, and the NSI, which I believe is the latest beta version), I just don't understand how this thing works.

Firstly, I run Windows XP Professional, but the 64-bit version doesn't seem to work. I install it, but it doesn't appear anywhere after I try to run it (ie, it's not in the Programs list). So then I tried the 32-bit version, but somehow it doesn't look like the screen that shows up in the Tutorial.

So then, I tried running the NSI (beta 2.0995 ??), and still the screen looks different, but at least there are three panes, so I feel like I could do something with it. Not sure what. Everyone says the SmartFTP is easy 'cause it's drag'n'drop, but I haven't got to that screen where I can do that.

Wish I could post a screenshot here, so you can see what I mean.

Thanks for any advice.


Hi, the SmartFTP 64 bits is only for very limited machines, running Windows XP Profesional x64 build, running systeminfo it must return:

OS Name: Microsoft

The 32 bit version should work for you. Have you tried it out?

The 32 bit version should work for you. Have you tried it out?

To be honest, I haven't quite figured out how to use SmartFTP. I was hoping it'd be more intuitive. Any pointers on how to download a website?

Thanks in advance,

SmartFTP software is used to transfer file over to the server, a file transfer protocal.

I'm not very familiar on the downloading feature with SmartFTP, maybe others could help you out there.

Hi, if you mean download a website of your property (or that you have a ftp account to get it) you must enter your ftp details on host, login, password and port, if you are trying to download the website of other person SmartFTP is NOT designed for that and you need another programs such Teleport Pro.