SmartFTP expiration notice

The client keeps saying that it expired and needs to have the latest build installed. So I downloaded the build, and it opens fine the first time around. If I shut down SmartFTP then it will give me the expiration notice again the next time I start the client. About 1 time out of 10 it will start the program; the rest of the time it seems to immediately shut down. I've installed the latest release about three times now...any ideas?

And this latest version gives a lot of problems.I wish people will leave a good thing as it is , instead of meddling around.

Plz, detail what problems it gives you, to say "it gives problems" don't helps nothing and we can't do nothing to fix them or help you to fix the problems.
For the expiration notice, if you are unlicensed user and you don't wanna to update to the last build you must live with it.

The date and time are fine on my computer. I also have the latest version downloaded. I would not care about the expiration notice, or a notice that I need to buy if I am a company. What bugs me is that MOST of the time SmartFTP then shuts down rather than open. I have to hammer the start icon. Start, expire message, shut down. Repeat 6 times. Then it opens. It is rather annoying....

I have installed SmartFTP on a new computer, so hopefully the issue will go away...

You can install the newest version of SmartFTP and this will remove the expiration notice.

You can install the newest version of SmartFTP and this will remove the expiration notice.

Thanks for that...I finally got my copy to work and then it started having problems "resolving" the connection until i downloaded the newest version...thanks!


I think my problem is similar to some of yours, so I'll try my best to make myself clear in English...

For two days, I've been trying to follow my computer's instructions, which I get every few weeks: SmartFTP is about to expire... buy a license or update... Ok, almost no problem. At least that's what I thought before yesterday.

When following the given link "Download SmartFTP" - as I don't really have a choice - and downloading the latest version, I end up at the same spot like before. When executing the new file SFTPMSI.exe, it shows me the same window again at the end: SmartFTP is about to expire... buy a license or update...

I don't know how to get out of this loop, but I actually need to upload some new files for my website. But how??

Also, I "collected" several "SmartFTP"-folders in my folder "Programmes" by now, but I don't dare to delete any of the older ones. Wouldn't wanna make bad things worse...

Does anyone of you know the above problem and can help me? Thanks so much in advance!!

Regards, VinnieH (from Germany)

I can understand that you want to remind users to upgrade, and I have no problem with the expiration dialog, but perhaps you should indicate on that dialog that the installed version of the program no longer can be used?

Clicking OK on that dialog will only close it, SmartFTP will never open, which of course appears to be a (very annoying) bug.

Definition of upgrade (from Wikipedia):
"The term upgrade is most often used in computing and consumer electronics, generally meaning a replacement of hardware, software or firmware with a newer version, in order to bring the system up to date. The word is also used by audiophiles to describe the replacement of a product with a better quality product with the aim of bringing enhancements to sound quality."