Cannot see files or folders

Hi, whenever i connect to my host, I never see any files or folders. I made a new folder and disconnected and reconnected to see if it would show up. But as you might of thought, it wasn't there. I read the Knowledge Base help on the site, but that did not work.

So can anyone help me please?

Thank You,

You should not only look at the knowledge base, but (even more importantly) search this forum. Try playing around with the "-a" and "-L" directoy listing options in the settings / favorite properties.

Well I searched the forum and wasted 30 minutes of my life o_O. But ya I didn't find anything unless i missed it. Also I played around with -a and -l and still I have no luck.

Get the latest version from

Also one of the rules of this forum is to have the latest version installed before requesting support.

Thank you.