Preventing favorites from saving passwords

I would like to know if it would be possible to keep favorites from saving passwords. With the new beta (I downloaded fresh today), the "Save Passwords" under history is gone. This means I now have no way of keeping my history but WITHOUT passwords.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'm guessing (by lack of replies) that this feature isn't supported. Maybe it would be a good idea to add this feature, for added security. I refuse to use favorites unless it has the option to NOT save passwords.

Need a reason? I access my FTP server almost every day at work using SmartFTP. I don't want co-workers getting on my machine and having access to my server because my password is saved in favorites. At the same time, however, I don't want to have to re-type my connection information and username. I actually wouldn't mind re-typing the username, so perhaps it would be a good idea to offer to save connection info, username, and password seperately.

This way, it would be possible to have the following combinations:

Save conn. info, username, and password.
Save conn. info, username, and NOT password.
Save conn. info, NOT username, and NOT password.

Having the following combination:

Save conn. info, NOT username, and password.

would be pointless because why would you save a password but not a username? In any case, I hope you get my point and I will expect to see this functionality in the future

Great work guys! I'm not THAT disappointed


Assuming still that this feature is not supported (I could always be wrong!), I would appreciate it if everyone would post to this thread if you feel the above described functionality should be added. The more that demand it, the greater chance it will be implemented. This functionality's implementation depends on high demand. As a programmer, I can understand this.

Please post if you want this feature!

Hello ..

Get the latest version from

Clear the username and password in the favorite item. You will be prompted every time you connect to the server for this information. The username/password information is now longer stored in the history.


If you enter the password into the login bar a dialog is displayed asking you whether you want to create a new favorite or update the existing favorite item. I assume you selected "New Favorite" and therefore you ended up having 2 favorite items created. One with the password inside and one without. So delete the one with the password and do not enter the password into the login bar to connect.


Hello ..

I dont see a reason why you want to enter the password into the address bar in case you don't want to save it. Just click connect and a login dialog prompts where you can enter the password. Or you can connect through the favorites menu.


I dont see a reason why you want to enter the password into the address bar in case you don't want to save it
This statement implies that the address bar is made to remember information (aka, modify favorites), nothing else. To me, the address bar is a quick way to connect to your favorites with the OPTIONAL choice of modifying them on-the-fly. You should have the option of modifying those favorites from the address bar (by adding / removing information) or simply ignoring any changes. The dialog that appears after clicking "connect" (which requests username/password) should be completely removed, as it is excessive and asks for duplicate information.

I would never have thought to click "connect" until all information required to login successfully is entered into the login toolbar. You're actually asking for login information two times, when it should only be asking for it once. When you press the connect button, it should connect; not ask for my login a SECOND time. My proposal would be an increased security measure, cleaner, and seems like a pretty reasonable feature to add (It's also not very difficult to implement).

It's almost like this scenario:

Imagine, you're in Microsoft Word and you want to save your document. You go to "Save As..." and click "Save". A dialog appears asking you, "Are you sure you want to overwrite the existing file?" You click yes. Again, it pops up and says "Are you REALLY sure you want to overwrite this file?". At this point I would be annoyed because you're asking for the SAME INFORMATION a SECOND time. Same with the login info: If I can provide my username and password in the login toolbar, why would I want to have to specify this information a second time when I click connect? What if my account doesn't have a password? When a user clicks the connect button, they expect for it to connect. This is also a bit of a bug because this feature assumes you have a password, even when you may not. Just because your password is blank doesn't mean you have a password and are just not typing it in.

I hope you can see the point I'm making.

Thanks, take care.