password safety

I don't want someone else to see my passwords when I leave the terminal:

I just started using SmartFTP and saved one of my ftp locations to favorites without a password. Each time I open the program it asks me for the pass - so far all is well. However, let's say I connected to my location and then walked away from the computer. Anybody can sit down by my terminal and by going to settings simply Show Password and then copy it. Even if I remember to disconnect from the location they can still click on reconnect (is there anyway to disable that or set it so it asks for a pass?) and automatically get connected to my last location. Then the same -> password.

The only solution I can think of is to close the program each time, but isn't there a better one? Before, I used WS_ftp and was prompted for pass everytime I wanted to connect. The drop down menu gave me an opportunity to save some frequently used locations (favorites) and that's all I needed.

Also, each location in Sftp opens a new tab - is there a way so the new one simply disconnects the previous one and loads in the same window then?