Sudden Problem, no pattern...

Sometimes I will select a few folders and upload them (not global queue or anything, just regular upload procedure) and then for no reason I will get disconnected and it will leave a weird residue file that looks like this: .pureftpd-upload.43f8272a.15.1623.28a638d The numbers might change but it's always something similar. I can't delete, move or rename it.

It might disconnect after 1 file or after 50 files, or not at all. I can't seem to figure out a pattern! I work in HTML so most of my files are fairly small so I doubt it has to do with file size.

I don't know if SmartFTP is causing it, but I don't know where else to ask.. and for all I know, it could be something I messed up in my SmartFTP settings. This seems to have only happened within the past month or two.

Any ideas? If it's not SmartFTP does anyone know where I can get more info on this problem? If you think it's my Host, I have to say, My host denies there's a problem.. they say it's SmartFTP.

Thanks for your time,