SmartFTP 2.0 interface snafus

I'm setting up a new machine, and as usual, SmartFTP is one of the first things I install. Looks like there's a new 2.0 version, cool, let's try it.

Within a few minutes I've run into 3 issues that seem like complete regressions from the ease of use I'd come to appreciate over the years.

(a) I type a URL, hit enter. Oops, forgot this site doesn't allow anonymous. Ok, I add the user/pwd, hit enter. It connects ok, but the name of the tab, the address bar, and the entry on Favorites -> Quick all say " - anonymous" still. I try editing the name in the address bar a few times, but it reverts to anonymous. I bring up the Properties page -- no place to change the name of the entry. WTF. I end up deleting it & recreating it.

(b) I browse to a JPG and hit F8. It opens in Notepad. Doh, maybe you've changed the keyboard shortcuts. I try all the relevant options on the context menu -- none of them will launch my default JPG viewer. I look thru the Options dialog, all I can do is change notepad.exe to something else; no way to say "just use ShellExec". WTF.

© I drag the file onto my desktop so I can doubleclick it from there. It creates a folder named SFTPDROP. Huh? The folder is empty -- looks like the file wasn't even downloaded. WTF.

Is this expected behavior? I've been using SmartFTP for many years and I don't remember it having such obvious flaws.

Hello ..

Thanks for the ranting.

a) Go to menu: Favorites->Edit Favorites and change the name there.

B) Press F4 or select "Execute" from the menu: Commands

c) Restart your computer or kill all instances of Explorer.exe for the shell extension (SmartHook.dll) to become active.

Thank you.