CHMOD *.php files in all subfolders

I can CHMOD everything in the current folder, but how do I CHMOD the php files to 644 in the folder and all subfolders without going into each one?

If you go to the parent folder's properties you can apply CHMOD settings recursively on all contained files (and folders).


Is it possible to run a command to CHMOD all the PHP files on the server? I would like to change all their permissions to 755. Right now the only way it seems possible to me would include every file contained in the folder/subfolders, not only a specific file extension.

I wonder if this is even possible at all...


Hello ..

This is not directly possible with SmartFTP. But you can write a 20 line script using the SmartFTP FTP Library to achieve the same result. Please take a look at:
We will offer you to write the script if you decide to purchase a license for the FTP Library.


Sorry for not coming back before... have dozens of threads spread all over the net.

Thanks for the offer, but the board decided not to run a global CHMODing operation as there are many different permissions that differ from each other. But it's good to know it's somehow possible.