Copying Issue

I've just tried to COPY and then paste some files from one directory to another.

I highlighted all the files I wanted, right clicked and selected COPY.
I then moved to the new directory and right click and selected PASTE..

The files weren't copied, they were cut and pasted.

I expected the files to remain in the original location and also be copied to the new.

Yet they appeared in the new directory, but were removed from the original..

What went wrong ??

were you donign this on a remote server, that is both source and destination were remote? if yes, that's the answer: files cannot be duplicated on ftp servers (without downloading and then again uploading them to the other location). this is a limitation of ftp. but moving (which is an extenstion to renaming) files is possible. that's why "move" is used as a "fallback" to "copy" if both source and destination are remote on the same server.

but maybe this should be disabled altogether instead of falling back to a "move" operation.