'Close Application' does not stop global Q

Version: 2.0.994.5

When the global queue finishes downloading and 'close application' action is selected, smartftp would exit as it's supposed to do but the global queue is not stopped. I assume this is a bug because previous versions behaved differently.

No, this is a feature. The queue now restores the state as specified in the settings unter Queue -> Options when the application is restarted.

My problem is not with the queue being restored to its last state. I just think that the 'close application' action should also stop the queue. If the closing procedure is canceled (during the 10s timeout), the client is not closed and the global queue stays active.

Previous versions stopped the queue and closed the client which was perfectly fine with me. Didn't the 'remember last q state' option already exist in previous versions which behaved differently? Is there any specific advantage in keeping the queue active?

I see now I'll have to solve this by choosing 'stop q' on application start.