Update reminders

I have been using SmartFTP v1.0.981 for some time without problem. Prompted by the reminders to update, I installed v2.0 only to find that when trying to connect, the program repeatedly causes a fault in User.exe and a memory leakage which crashes my machine. I am running Windows ME.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. I also see that when version 2 runs under Windows ME you have to use Windows Explorer as the local browser, instead of having an inbuilt browser as in version 1. This is a good deal less convenient.

For these reasons, I have uninstalled version 2 and reverted to version 1, which is fine except that I the update reminder pops up every time I try to start the program and I have to start it three times each time to get past the reminder.

I realise that you will optimise new versions of the program for Windows XP, but is there any way I can continue to use the older version without getting these irritating, and for me useless, upgrade reminders?

Versions older than 2.0 are not supported anymore. If you don't want to upgrade you can purchase a license key which will remove the reminders and the expiration check.