Linux Version

hi i want to know how to find out what version of linux my server uses i tried putting $ uname -a, uname -r etc in the command line but it says:[21:09:39] 500 UNAME not understood or [21:09:50] 500 Invalid command: try being more creative how can i figure it out plz someone answer =)

You cannot enter Linux shell commands at the FTP command line, this command line is for FTP commands only (doh!). However, you may try if your server is configured to "forward" commands to the Linux shell by preceeding Linux shell comands with the SITE command, e.g. "SITE uname -a". The part after "SITE " will then go to the shell. However, this will most likely not work, as it is disabled on most servers for security reasons.

Can't you get the info you want from phpinfo()?