Global Queue Sorting

Great program. Used it for years.

On to my problem: Recently I've begun uploading 30,000 - 50,000 images to a server using the global queue. In the past the global queue has worked fine for smaller uploads but when the queue size is large the sort that the queue performs before the upload becomes a problem. I'm on a 1ghz box (sure that's slow but we're talking about sorting here...) and the sort can take over 6 hours. Are you using an efficient sort algorithm? Or like... bubble sort?

Just a thought. Thanks for the great program.

I've been wrestling with this off and on for a couple hours now and it really seems that the global queue for large sets of files is really unusable. Please let me know I'm wrong.

Hello ..

1. Install the latest version (2.x)
2. Post the system information from the Help->About dialog
3. What entries do you have in the following 2 lists: Settings->Transfer->Priority List and in the Settings->Transfer->Filter dialog?

We are using QSort but that's not the source of the problem. It's very likely the regular expressions in the lists mentioned in 3. As a test remove all entries in these lists and try again.


I removed the entries in the priority list and yes it is considerably faster. yay

Please check out the newest version

Sorting is now optimized. 14seconds for 10'000 items on a 2GHz P4m with default settings.