Can't continue download this file.

Hi, I am using SmartFtp v 2.0.993.25. I noted in the transfer queue, this file always stuck with the following log.

Please tell me how I to download this file.


[18:23:35] TYPE I

[18:23:36] 200 Type set to I.

[18:23:36] SIZE

[18:23:37] 213 660288

[18:23:37] XCRC 0 49000

[18:23:38] 250 6A57224C

[18:23:38] Using CRC32 hash from server: 6A57224C

[18:23:38] Calculated CRC32 hash of 6A57224C

[18:23:38] PASV

[18:23:39] 227 Entering Passive Mode (59,36,x,x,253,234)

[18:23:39] Opening data connection to 59.36.x.x Port: 65002

[18:23:39] REST 38760

[18:23:40] 350 Restarting at 38760. Send STORE or RETRIEVE.

[18:23:40] RETR

[18:23:49] 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for (660288 Bytes).

[18:23:49] 1452 bytes transferred. (148 bytes/s) (00:00:09)

[18:23:50] 426 Data connection closed, file transfer aborted.


Hmm, it seems the file has already been transferred correctly as the checksums match. However, it should be removed from the queue then. Can you upgrade to a build >= .30 (see my footer) as those contain some changes to the queue code?

Your FTP server closes the connection after 1452 bytes have been sent. As 1452 is the size of 1 packet it looks like there is a connection problem between your computer and the server. Try to use PORT mode instead of PASV mode.


Thanks. I have solve it by delete the file then let smartftp to download it again and smartftp has successfully download it. Don't know why it happen though.