Drag 'N Drop creates a STFPDROP folder?

Hey fellaz,

first i wanna give u guys props for an AWESOME ftp interface. this app kills ALL freeware apps available today. so thanks a bunch for that. makes cuteFTP look ugly LOL

okok enuff bashing the competition.

I just downloaded and installed 2.0 and i seem to be running into a problem with the drag 'n drop feature. In the previous version i had id simply connect to my ftp, drag a file to my desktop and presto...there it was for me to work with.

but now that i have 2.0....whenever i drag 'n drop a file to my desktop, i get an empty folder labelled SFTPDROP...??

also, when im transferring some files using the local browser feature and download/upload arrows, it tells me that the i dont have enuff free disk space on my HDD showing the file im trying to download with a size of (just an example) 109830981093890128309190283 bytes.......never had this issue before. i click ignore and it does the transfer, but im still curious why its doing this.

thx in advance fellaz, and again, kudos for an outstanding app

Please post your system information found in Menu: Help->About

Did you restart your system after you installed SmartFTP 2.0?

Can you post a screenshot of the "insufficient space" message box?


What setup did you use to install the SmartFTP Client? SFTPNSI.exe (SFTPBeta.exe)
or the one on https://www.smartftp.com/download

Do you have a file called "SmartHook.dll" in your C:\Program Files\SmartFTP Client 2.0 folder?


cool its working now. i think part of the problem was i wasnt uninstalling the older version before installing the newer one.

so i uninstalled all versions i had on, rebooted, re-installed the file from the download locations u posted above and all is well now. thx a bunch for ur speedy response and resolution. much appreciated. keep up the good work fellaz