SmartFTP skipping files in global queue

Hi, I am using SmartFTP v1.5.991.22. I transfer some files using global queue and I found out that some of the files in some folder are not being transfered. I don't have the log or see anything related when this happen because I only found out after all the items in global queue has been cleared and I check the downloaded folder on my hardrive. I have the queue.dat backup so when I paste that file back to the SmartFTP settings' directory, I can see in the global queue that those missing files is being transfer now.
When it finally finished transfering, and I paste that queue.dat again, still there are some files that is not transfer yet.

Any idea what is happening?


I still experience this problem sometimes in 2.0.993.34. When I go to my computer, only folder that I want to download are created but files inside that folder is not being downloaded.

Can someone tell me under what condition this would happen?

The item in the transfer queue is cleared, so is it possible that for the developer to add some indication in the transfer queue for any unsuccessful or any unknown error occur during transfer? Or maybe don't cleared that item if it is not successfully transfer? So that I would have knew what is succesfully transfer and what is not?


Files that are not successfully transfered are not removed from the queue (at least that's how it's supposed to be). Load your saved queue.dat again, then for the file that does not transfer, right-click and choose "Show Log" from the context menu. Keep the log view open until the file is removed from the list (the log should fill during the transfer), then post the log here.