Error while tranfering - 550

Hello, My name is rickie and i keep getting a error messege im unsure of

[12:38:39] 550-Quota exceeded: read_dump.lib.php won't be saved
[12:38:39] 550 10238 Kbytes used (99%) - authorized: 10240 Kb

[12:45:26] Transfer failed.
[12:45:26] TYPE A
[12:45:26] 200 TYPE is now ASCII
[12:45:26] PASV
[12:45:26] 227 Entering Passive Mode (XX,XX,XXX,XX,XXX,XXX)
[12:45:26] Opening data connection to XX.XX.XX.XX Port: 47294
[12:45:26] MLSD
[12:45:26] 150 Accepted data connection
[12:45:26] 3665 bytes transferred. (35.7 KB/s) (100 ms)
[12:45:27] 226-Options: -a -l
[12:45:27] 226 29 matches total

After i get that error it stops all files from completing transfering and doesnt let me tranfer the same file, i get the same error code with about 5 files.

Im runing Windows XP home edition, SmartFTP 2.0

Hi, the reason is that you have reached the maximum size allowed on your account, if you wanna upload more you must delete something, or search another hosting.

Oh thats ant to good, i was asposed to have 10 MB of space, not 1.63 MB lol, I will talk to the owner, Thank You.