Temporary Queue

Excellent work on version 2.0!

...But how does the temporary queue work? I thought it might be similar in functionality to the old "Session Queue" but I can't seem to initiate download after adding items.

The "Transfer Queue" attempts to open a new connection for each item even though, I already have an open connection and am adding items for download from that connection window.

This seems overly cumbersome, especially if the FTP server is very busy (421), and I currently already have a connection.

Hi, Temporary Queue is the new name for Queue Source.

So then, no more session queue?

The Session Queue was useful for selecting various files from many different folders and then initiating download... using the current connection.

Right, the session queue is gone, it caused too much confusion. Moreover, the global queue is far more powerful and you can check "Reuse Existing Connection" in the settings.

As to how the "Temporary Queue" works: Think of it as a shopping cart you collect files / folders into. Later when you are done, you decide where file items in the Temporary Queue should go by dragging & dropping them to their destination. Then the entries will move to the Transfer Queue and be transferred.

How do you put them to a destination?

Never mind, I found out by accident.

you can check "Reuse Existing Connection" in the settings.

That is what I have in the Settings, and I have an open connection window and added some items to the Transfer Queue. When I start the queue, the existing connection window does not display any activity and the queue tries to establish another connection to the same site...

So what does "Reuse Existing Connection" really mean?

How do you put them to a destination?

Never mind, I found out by accident.

How did you do it? Apparently it's not by dragging and dropping.

Well, yes, it is by drag & drop. D&D a file from the Local Browser / Windows Explorer to the Temporary Queue. Then D&D the file from the Temporary Queue to the file view of a server you're connected to. That works for me to upload the file. (Of course, all this does not make much sense in such a simple scenario, it's just an example.)

EDIT: If you want to transfer files the other way around (i.e. remote to local), there currently seems to be a bug, also see
https://www.smartftp.com/forums/index.ph ... st&p=32876