I really need help!

Hi, drag and drop means to have a local browser opened (Control+L) and a remote site opened (at www.thecouch.zeeblo.com) select all the needed folders from file view and with then selected "move" the files to the remote site.

P.S. you can update to SmartFTP 2.0 and use the arrows to upload all the things without need of drag and drop if it's to hard for you.

P.S.2 also you can simply upload all the files and folders under upload local folder to the remote site.

I just downloaded the prgram 30mins ago, so it should be the latest.

I copied all those folders, now they're in a thing called Temporary Queue. The installation of IPB said this would create new directories, but I check, and it hasn't. What have I done wrong?

Also, sorry for being a complete idiot.