Don't laugh at me ok

but i'm very new to this whole FTP thing and i need to upload some files to my site

i stumbled onto this FTP program and installed it because i like the features

now - the program is installed but it does not show up in my Start>Programs menu - no Help or Manual file was installed with it - the site does not tell me the very basic step by step on how to access the program -

i don't even know how to access the program

but i know its installed because i see it in my programs

how do i launch the program ?

Thanks in advance for any help given !

Try reinstalling SmartFTP 2.0 from my footer. It creates a folder "SmartFTP Client 2.0" under "Programs" in the Start Menu. Within that folder, click "SmartFTP Client" to launch SmartFTP.

Thanks a Million !